Once a Cowgirl, Always a Cowgirl

Once a cowgirl, always a cowgirl. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s been one day, month, year, or decades since we’ve been on a horse. There is something sacred about time spent in the saddle and the emotions we feel when around horses, and that in itself is what we should hold on to, regardless, of how long it’s been, or how often you do it. Once we’ve created the bond, no one, or thing, can take those memories away from us. 

So let’s stop for a minute and recognize the cherished moments we’ve had with our horses. Whether you were competing in college, hopped on the next door neighbors horse you secretly rode as a child, or have a barn full of horses and passion you live and ride out everyday, it counts. 

I can say on behalf of many women out there, it was a mental and emotional struggle for me not be on a horse constantly. As we start our lives, get married, go down a career journey, have kids, being a cowgirl in the physical form may not be an option for you. Great news though! Rest assured, being a cowgirl 🤠 does not EVER leave your spirit. It’s more of a mindset and reflection of who we are and the horses who have built us into the WOMEN we are today, that subsequently allows us to carry that sacred title of “cowgirl.”

Don’t EVER feel unworthy during those seasons where you have to make hard decisions to walk away from them for a while. 

The heart will always remember. 🩷

Once a cowgirl, always a cowgirl.

Picture in photo- my daughter 📸


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