Ag Women Connect Gives Back

As we continue to grow this organization, we are faced with the reality of so many Ag families in need whether due to unforeseen tragedies from violent weather, drought, fire and more along with their stories of survival, and triumph over adversity, all without the ability to share their stories and rally for help. That’s where Ag Women Connect steps in.  Our primary 501c3 goal is to help guide, aid, and shine the light on these stories and families. We specifically use these funds to continue to tell and broadcast the real ag issue stories within our industry. Story telling is a crucial necessity to be able to bridge the gap between people who don’t understand agriculture and the people who sacrifice everyday to live this lifestyle, continue tradition, and provide for others! Additionally, we will be giving scholarships to the children or women who may of not received an agriculture scholarship from other entities, but still show talent, work ethic, and passion for this industry. Help us, help and support these fine folks of America!

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