Ag Women Connect Member Highlight with Kaelanne Quinonez

Welcome to the first of a new series on the Ag Women Connect Blog where we interview members about their backgrounds and personal missions in agriculture, today’s highlight is Kaelanne Quinonez. As a member of Ag Women Connect, you have several opportunities to share your story and this blog series is a great addition! Interested in being a contributor or sharing your story? Join Ag Women Connect as a member to get started. Now let’s get to know AWC member, Kaelanne Quinonez little bit more!

Q: Can you give our audience a little bit of your background?

Kaelanne Quinonez: I grew up a Girl Scout, which gave me an immense appreciation for the outdoors and the conservation of natural resources, but my first introduction to agriculture and the Western way of life was through horseback riding lessons. In my later years, this love and understanding of resources would push me forward in my ag journey. My journey has taken me through several degrees (one in Animal Science/Equine Science and a Masters in Business), time as a researcher studying rangelands and drought, and of course, I kept riding horses through it all. I spent a lot of time at clinics, training colts working with ‘problem horses’, and taking my trusty Quarter Horse mare on trail rides at the beach. My latest adventure has led me to the world of rodeo queening and teaching others about the Western way of life as a content-creating and cowgirl consultant (my love of teaching was fostered for many years as a Girl Scout is about to share outdoor skills and good land stewardship to younger Scouts). As I complete my final year of rodeo queening, I’m looking toward the future once more, aspiring to find a career that supports my love of teaching others about ag, helps promote and progress agricultural business in the modern world, and of course, allows me to ride horses.

Q: What does it mean to you to be a woman in ag?

Kaelanne Quinonez: Being a woman in ag means you are a part of a very special, very select part of the population. The women who are born into Ag and choose to stay, and the women (like myself) who weren’t born into ag but found a calling to be a part of it, are special. It’s a hard field to be in sometimes, it is still primarily a male-dominated industry that always presents certain challenges, but is it also a field that is misunderstood by many who are not involved with it on a day-to-day basis. It’s a challenge and an honor to be a part of an industry that has so much culture, tradition, and respect embedded within. Being a woman in ag means to me that you have two responsibilities; to learn and to teach. Agriculture is all about giving back and making sure there is enough (resources and knowledge) for the future generations to not just survive, but to thrive. So a woman in ag must learn all she can about the field of her choosing (ranching, farming, ag technology, marketing) and she must teach, so that those next in line to serve in ag are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to preserve our way of life. Women in ag have a large task at hand, but I believe they would not want it any other way.

 AWC Member - Kaelanne Quinonez

Q: What do you hope to see for the future of women in agriculture?

Kaelanne Quinonez: I hope to see more women in ag in the future, it’s a space where really anyone is welcome if they are dedicated and have ag’s best interest at heart. There is a trend right now where women are entering agriculture fields and taking ownership- I hope this trend continues! Organizations such as this, broadcast for women by women (hello Cowgirl Channel!) are creating a lasting impression of women’s voices and values, a ripple effect felt around the world. I’m so excited to be a part of ag right now when so many great moments are happening and as momentum continues to build.

Closing Thoughts from Kaelanne Quinonez

Technology continues to push the limits of what we think is possible. As an ag content creator and Media Ambassador for The Foundation for Western Professionals, it is always on the top of my mind how to use technology to the advantage of ag, rodeo, and the partners I am working with. Agricultural companies are very rooted in tradition and there is still a way to go to bridge the gap between tech and ag! However I believe that social media and content creation can be used in a positive light to market and educate. If you and your business have a story or goal for a product, I encourage you to reach out and we will share your story and make that goal a reality!

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