Muleshoe Land Grab and Endangered Species

Muleshoe land grab update! 

We hopped on this as soon as we heard the news.  Who better than our expert friends and Ag lawyers Karen and Sarah Falen to explain more in depth, how all this works,  how to make sense of it and what we can do about it! 

First off, I wanted to say whether you have been in agriculture one week or for decades, don’t feel guilty for not knowing this information and please don’t hesitate to ask questions. I feel somewhat foolish for not knowing this earlier.  However there is a good reason for that. They purposely did not alert land owners, county officials or local authorities. 

In this incredible AG talk episode packed full of resources and information we discuss several things. 

  1. The Biden Administration Executive Order and focus is to push Climate change. Therefore, all the agencies under that order are working to execute this plan in multiple ways, such as through the current U.S. Wildlife Refuge to expand acquisition boundary from 6,440 acres to 700,000 acres in Texas and NM. 

2. When the expansion is all said and done – the refuge will be 706,440 acres – still an increase of nearly 11,000%. They will do this by either buying private property or through conservation easements. 

3.  Where can I find any information pertaining to endangered species and or federal activity  according to what county or city I live in? You can search the FEDERAL REGISTER and ECOS online which is open to everyone. 

4 . How do I protect my land? The CBA ( Conservation Benefit Agreement) Giving farmers the option prior to regulations set in place, to abide by certain rules to conserve and modify their land according to their standards.  After the regulations are passed, the land owner can not be held liable for any more standards, rules, or fines according to what is officially passed. 

5. The most important thing we can do as agriculturalist is get ahead of these regulations and build coalitions within our communities and counties to be intentionally proactive to protect ourselves the best way possible against these land grabs.  Education is key.  Ag Women Connect will continue to build, report and educate about these issues and work with our farmers, ranchers and legislators to keep everyone informed. 

Venessa Wood

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