About Ag Women Connect

AG Women Connect is proud to support and empower women in the agricultural community across the United States. Our positive and forward-thinking organization provides a safe space for women to connect, grow, and support one another in all aspects of agriculture.

Our commitment to advocating for women experiencing real-life issues within the industry is unwavering. We provide trustworthy resources, education, events, and opportunities to give back to local communities. Our forum equips women with the tools they need to step into their voice, be confident, and make a difference in their lives and for upcoming generations.

Join us in building relationships and making a difference in the agricultural community!

From the Founder of Ag Women Connect

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Ag Women Connect, a company founded by CEO Venessa Wood with the aim of empowering women in agriculture. With over 30 years of experience in agriculture and leadership, Venessa has listened to the needs of women in the industry and built a company around them. Ag Women Connect is dedicated to providing connection, communication, recognition, resources, and a sense of giving back to women in agriculture, no matter what their role is. We believe that every woman in agriculture deserves to succeed both personally and professionally, and we are committed to helping them achieve that success. Join us in this mission and become a part of the Ag Women Connect community today.

Hi, I'm Venessa Wood

I am a proud Texan with a background in farming, equine, and entrepreneurship. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Agricultural Leadership, I have spent the majority of my career in leadership roles in various agricultural sectors. My passion is to bring together a community of women in agriculture and empower them to succeed!

Thank you for visiting and checking out what we are about! May we never lose sight of what we set out to do from the very beginning. The foundation of this company and what brings all generations together is providing a platform for you to feel confident and comfortable to tell your story in agriculture. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 followers or 2 million, you bring something unique to the table and someone out there needs to hear what you have to say. If we want to ensure that agriculture thrives, more voices need to be heard. We are not living in a world today to succumb to silence. As a Christian based company, I implore you to stand up for your industry, your voice, unite with us, and be bold and courageous with your truth and individual purposes. Without agriculture, we cannot survive.

Esther: 4:14 “For Such a Time as This” You are not here by accident. You are exactly where God is meant for you to be.  

 Looking into 2024, I have been called by God to focus on three important things. Firstly, I am determined to speak more about my own journey of faith and educate others about the spiritual war we are facing as Christians and how that affects agriculture. I believe it is crucial to speak life into our younger generations and speak out against the media and extremist indoctrination that has taken over our schools and societies. 

Secondly, advocating for agriculture and raising awareness about the current real agriculture issues. We would be remiss if we didn’t fight against mis, dis, and Mal information being used to destroy our industry. I will continue to provide a platform for others to share their experiences and solutions to educate the public about the truth and who is misguiding and deceiving the nation with fear based marketing.

Lastly, I feel a strong sense of urgency to gather and unite people to encourage them to vote in the upcoming elections and help turn this country back around. Let us remember that there is only so much we can do as individuals, but together in union, we can accomplish much more. 2024 is the year to get uncomfortable and inspire others to stand up for our industry, and create change.

 Booking speaking engagements for 2024-2025. agwomenconnect@gmail.com 

– Venessa Wood, CEO & Founder

What Does Ag Women Connect Do?

“When it comes to opportunity, we are a network of women who mention each other when those conversations present themselves.” 

“Never undermine the value of building relationships with like minded people. That’s how history is made and massive change can happen in a very short amount of time.” 


The AWC chapters meet monthly to learn, create, and share essential information that will further develop your own agriculture communities and personal journeys. From hosting luncheons that answer questions on how to run a business, working with our ag legislatures, to events that highlight women and their businesses or lifestyles, Ag Women Connect encompasses it all. 

Furthermore, we vet and give you the resources in a centralized place for you to search, CONNECT, and use at your convenience. It’s important to us that you have business resources that you can use, trust, and count on, for your professional advantage. 

How Ag Women Connect Gives Back

Our AWC 501c3 is providing funds and resources to people in agriculture across the country who have come upon hardships due to natural disaster and unforeseen circumstances. A portion of the funds will also be used for production costs on telling the stories of our farmers and ranchers across the world who are fighting for their livelihood and culture. We believe that story telling is the best way to rally back against our government and big corporations who are destroying the agriculture industry with their propaganda and ideology.
Help us help our nation understand how important our agriculture industry is and bridge the gap for those who don’t merely understand the benefits that we provide to the world. Real Ag Issues matter!
And lastly, our foundation will be funding and giving scholarships to our youth who are showing interest, commitment, and excellence in the ag industry.

AWC Foundation “ Fighting for our Famers and Ranchers.”