Agri-Vision Internship and Careers!


AgriVision internships provide an excellent opportunity for college sophomores and juniors to get hands-on experience and observe, learn, and perform alongside full-time team members to come away with tangible skills. We offer internships each summer and interns are compensated in addition to provided housing, training, and supervision. Agriculture majors with a demonstrated interest in a career in farming and dairy are encouraged to apply.


Our farm internship gives students the opportunity to assist in managing large organic and conventional farms in the Texas panhandle. Students will perform tasks needed to run a farm while completing a project focused on improving efficiency on the farms.


Our dairy internship is available with AgriVision for those who are interested in learning more about the industry and what it takes to dairy farm sustainably at a large scale. Our program gives students tangible experiences to be applied in a career in the dairy industry while completing a project focused on improving efficiencies in a specific area of the dairy.

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