Ag Women Connect Ambassador Stephanie Nash interviews with Pastor Allen Jackson

Truth seekers, speakers and agvocates of the Ag industry.

“Small farms help secure our food supply, and it’s important to support and advocate for them. Join Pastor Allen Jackson for a discussion about the issues small farmers face today—and how they impact us—with Dairy Farmer Stephanie Nash from Nash Family Creamery near Nashville. As government agencies actively promote alternative sources of milk and protein, the public turns away from long-standing food staples like beef and milk. “I truly believe the work that we do is totally different than what’s being grown in a laboratory,” Nash said. They discuss the climate change agenda and its impact on farming, foreign countries purchasing U.S. farmland, farmers protesting in Germany, and more. “Consumers deserve to know what family farmers are going through, and what our food security could be going through if we don’t protect ourselves,” Nash said. – Allen Jackson

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