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Business Bio In my business, WCD Agricultural Management, I consult and coach new land, farm, and ranch owners on how to start from scratch, learn how to manage their land and animals, learn the skills to write a business plan, set goals, make connections within the agriculture industry, and teach them hands on how to take care of our land, soil, and animals so that they are around for generations to come. I also help current land, livestock, farm, and ranch owners solve issues they may be facing and help them in areas they want to improve on in their business or on their land. Raising commercial goats has been an addition to my business. I raise Boer x Spanish x Nigerian Dwarf Cross goats to sell as replacement females and for goat meat. I sell goat meat as a whole or half, or sell the finished live goat. New to my business is social media management and creation. Many do not want to take the time to understand social media platforms or create copy or photos/videos for their businesses. This is where I come in and can use many years of experience and create content for their ranch/farm or business. As a speaker I speak to groups on starting their own ranch/farm/homestead and women in agriculture. Part of this mission was creating the Grow Your Own Thriving Farm Series as a way empower all and share with them the importance of agriculture and why we need family farms, to know how to grow our own food, and to protect our land and animals. By educating those in agriculture and those coming into agriculture, they can be successful and they can see what is behind the passion we in agriculture have for what we do. Currently I am developing a new series featuring women in agriculture. My quote/advice: (you asked for back in 2022 I think for the website): “As a woman in agriculture you will face many hurdles, it is what you do with those hurdles that will decide where you go. We can wear multiple hats and get it all done. It is about our leadership and how we handle ourselves. Never back down from a challenge, and believe you are good enough to do anything you want to do. I have had a long list of trials that many will never go through, but instead of allowing them to get me down, I use them to make me stronger. We are women, we are divine daughters of God. He has created us for this time and place. Fight for agriculture. Fight for your ranch, farm, homestead, business, family,…. You name it. Never give up. If I could push you to do one thing, it is never give up even when you are at your lowest. Stay strong willed, stay determined, because you have what it takes to get where you want to go and to accomplish anything you set your mind to. God has a plan for you. He also asks that you have a plan for yourself and that you do your part, he will help you and bless you. Business, a life in agriculture, and running our own operations is not easy, but it’s a living we cherish. Fight for it and keep telling your story. God Bless!”

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