How Ag Women Connect Started

A Christian Based Company

The day and my precise location when the concept of Ag Women Connect was conceived are etched in my memory. At that time, the organization did not have a name, but it was a profound moment when God responded unmistakably, leaving no room for doubt.

In the span of more than a decade, encompassing my college graduation, marriage, motherhood, and discovering a career that ignited my passion, I consistently sought God’s guidance to unveil my life’s purpose. This pivotal moment arrived, demanding an immediate response from me. Without hesitation, I took action and, within a few months, established Ag Women Connect. Are you currently in a season of prayer, seeking purpose, redirection, guidance, and trustworthy wisdom? Let me assure you, do not cease your prayers for these things, especially when you find yourself dissatisfied with your current situation or season. Be grateful and patient during those times of uncertainty. Pray as if your reliance is on God, but also take action as if it depends on YOU. These two forces, when combined, can provide answers, peace, and guidance. Remember, God will accomplish what you cannot, but He will not do what you can! Never underestimate the strength of a woman who remains steadfast in her faith and perseveres.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

To surround yourself with other women in agriculture rooted in faith and ready to conquer the world, join here at

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