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Name: Shreene Johnson

Pinning By Bad Gringa

As an entrepreneur and Pinterest enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for agriculture and the western way of life, I blend creativity and industry knowledge and specialize in guiding agricultural and western lifestyle brands towards Pinterest success. By leveraging the platform to enhance brand visibility and drive website traffic, I help clients cultivate meaningful connections with their audience. As the owner of Pinning by Bad Gringa Gear, I have had the privilege of working with agricultural businesses, ranches, equestrian brands, and other entities in the western lifestyle industry to optimize their presence on Pinterest. From showcasing products and services to sharing valuable content and connecting with enthusiasts, I excel in crafting strategies that resonate with this audience.

When I’m not immersed in Pinterest strategies, you’ll often find me tending to my own agricultural pursuits. Whether it’s attending rodeos, tending to my small family homestead, or advocating for the western lifestyle. I’m deeply committed to promoting and preserving the values of agriculture and the western lifestyle for future generations.