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Name: Cheyenne Thomison

Cheyenne Thomison

Equine Iridology and Chiropractor

Cheyenne Thomison is a certified Equine Iridologist, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Musculoskeletal Bodyworker, Sports Massage Therapist, and has a therapy barn offering these services along with an Aquatread, PEMF, BEMER, infrared lasers, & TheraPlate. She has been in the Equine therapy business for the last decade, but has been involved in the horse industry since childhood. She got her first horse at age 5, fell in love with horses and has never been without one, now doing her dream job after homeschooling her three children all the way through graduation. Her husband and kids are team ropers and horse trainers, and she is their biggest fan! 

Cheyenne will be sharing her knowledge in Equine Iridology. She is one of very few who knows and studies this information.