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Whitney Larson

Whitney Larson

Email Address wblarson1@gmail.com

Chapter Kansas

Business Name Cultivating Courage LLC

Business Website http://www.farmwifeguru.com/

Business Bio Cultivating Courage is an event designed for Rural Women to join together to be uplifted, motivated and poured into by amazing speakers. “I want women to have their cup filled, hopes renewed and spirits lifted by speakers who are ready to offer them encouragement, uplifting words to remind them that they are strong and courageous, day in and day out. That they aren’t alone in any of these big emotions we feel and that they matter.” Whitney is s a an advocate for agriculture and positive living, the creator and host of an event for women, farmer, mother and multi-business entrepreneur. She is married to her husband Bart and they have three free range kids. Whitney grew up with no background in Agriculture and on basketball courts and softballs fields her entire life. From college ball to the heat fields she has found her calling in Agriculture. Whitney is the county Farm Bureau Vice President as well as a volunteer for Common Ground Kansas, an organization that helps bridge the gap between farms and consumers. Whitney enjoys connecting with others via social media and showing her families first generation farm in Kansas. Faith is number one closely followed my family. Farming is just a side bonus to all of it.

Business Email wblarson1@gmail.com

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