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User Bio Megan Wimberley is a contemporary western and wildlife artist and the founder of Cowgirl Artists of America (CGA). Wimberley founded CGA in 2021 to help increase opportunities and representation of female western artists and makers through community, education, collaboration, and promotion. Since 2021 CGA has provided numerous educational resources, partnered with fantastic organizations such as the Cowgirl Gathering and Art of the Cowgirl to provide promotional and representational opportunities, and more. CGA has grown rapidly and continues to expand its resources, opportunities, and partnerships. In her own art, Wimberley primarily features horses and the wildlife of the American West. With her work she seeks to communicate our interconnectedness with the animals around us, and to highlight our shared experiences. She takes a contemplative approach to her work and utilizes bold, bright colors to create personality and narrative. Her work is an exploration of the American West, its wildlife, and our ever expanding knowledge of our inner and outer world. Wimberley received a BA in Fine Arts from Wayland Baptist University and an MA in Art Education from Boston university. She currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she can often be found painting large animal portraits, or working on growing the CGA community and resources. Wimberley believes that kindness and curiosity are two of the most powerful forces in the world.

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