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Business Bio I am a wife, mother of four and have been a L&D RN for over 20 years. However, I pivoted to entrepreneurship and now have owned and ran a business in agricultural automation for the last 6. I am from Santa Cruz, Ca and my 400 acre cattle ranch is my happy place. I am motivated by womens community, connection and empowerment and building (with othr amazing women) two women's community and mentoring groups-Women in Tree Nuts, and The Yoniverse. I truly believe we are better together! Chandler Automation helps food processors and packagers automate their factories with the latest equipment and robotics. Think Tesla factory but for food. We are one point of contact for consulting, project management, sales, installation, training and service. We pride ourselves on being with the business owner every step of the way. If our equipment doesn’t work the way we say it will, we’ll buy it back!

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