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Business Bio Ag professionals and organizations hire Kacee to help them extinguish burnout. Kacee Bohle is a highly regarded speaker and coach bringing over 14 years of hands-on experience in the agriculture industry combined with her experience growing up on her family’s 4th generation farm. Her deep understanding and fresh take on the challenges and opportunities that come with working in agriculture coupled with her unique approach to coaching, makes her a sought after resource for individuals and organizations. Kacee focuses on the crossroads of personal growth and professional development helping others overcome burnout, find balance, and cultivate a more purpose driven life at home and in the field. Kacee’s most requested keynote: •Balancing Work and Family• In this practical keynote Kacee Bohle provides strategies for bringing more intention into your personal and professional life. Drawing on her 14+ years of climbing the corporate ladder, building her own business, working on the farm, and raising a family she shares how to honor your values, set boundaries, and stop sacrificing success in one area for another. Attendees will gain insights on maximizing focus, energy, and time for what matters most. They'll walk away knowing how to: -Identify the right balance for the season of life that you are in -Overcome burnout -Set and stick to boundaries -Be proactive vs reactive Kacee also offers the following services: -AgriMinds, a group coaching program + mastermind for agriculture professionals looking to grow and development alongside others in the industry. -Private coaching for professionals and agribusiness owners wanting 1:1 attention and customized support.

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