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Wenter Blair Anderson

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User Bio “Our own legacy is born when honor embraces courage.” A quote of mine that I live by. It is my mantra and the statement that guides my every action in agriculture. There are attributes born in to us. Things like an innate love of the land, livestock and wildlife. That love inspires stewardship and an unwavering desire to protect and preserve the legacy from which it arose. We do this to honor those who came before us, for ourselves and the generations to come. In these things we find the very backbone of what created and propagates our nation forward. Through them, we maintain our nations freedom, well being and strength. Agriculture has been my full time vocation for ten years but what has defined my aspirations my entire life. Four generations back, my great grandfather and great uncle were cattle ranchers and butcher shop owners in Colorado and Wisconsin. Three generations back, my adopted grandfather created Craver Ranch in North Texas. Two generations back, The Craver Ranch converted from running Angus cattle to wildlife management and became a superior hunting ranch. One generation back, saw the rebirth of Craver Cattle Company on The Craver Ranch and a new business model of direct to consumer Wagyu Beef and hay sales. It is through these efforts and even greater goals, that I hope to propel our nations and my families collective western heritage forward. As a cattle rancher, I open and close a lot of gates. Each gate leads to and protects an aspect of my ranch. AgWomen Connect also provides access to an abundance of gates. Gates that are eagerly opened and that lead to exemplary ideas and phenomenal leaders within farming and ranching. We are owner/operators, agri-industry leaders and deeply vested in our collective success as women in agriculture. You are welcome here, please join us.

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