Ag Commissioner Sid Miller:  Step One of the ‘Right to Farm Act’ is Complete

CEO Venessa Wood sat down with Ag Commissioner Sid Miller this week to chat about the Right to Farm Act. Remember tomorrow is voting day and every vote counts! Catch the full interview with Sid below.

Miller says, “Now Voters need to add this to our Texas Constitution this November.”

Austin – Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller today said that Texas voters can safeguard a way of life in the Texas Constitution this November. Now that the Texas Legislature has approved the Right to Farm Act to now go before voters and be put in the Texas Constitution, everyday farming and ranching and family farms will be constitutionally protected.

“It’s an historic day for Texas and for Texas agriculture,” Miller stated. “The proposed constitutional amendment will now go before the voters on November 7th where I believe it will pass comfortably, but we take nothing for granted.”

“I first began talking about the need for this several years ago. So today is a day that Farmers and Ranchers should celebrate before we get to work this fall on passing this amendment.”

The proposed constitutional amendment specifies that Texans have the right to farming, ranching, lumber and timber production and horticultural business. They also will have the right to operate wildlife management programs on land that is owned or leased. 

“So now municipal encroachment will no longer threaten the livelihood of small farmers and ranchers. Each year Texas generates about $24.7 billion in cash receipts from agriculture and employs 1 out of every 7 working Texans. This industry has earned its place in our Constitution,” Miller said.

“I want to thank the legislative sponsors and our Ag coalition partners in helping get this legislation passed. I look forward to talking with our fellow Texans about why this constitutional amendment is needed and how it will help Texas agriculture.”

This press release came out May, 4, 2023, and is originally from TexasAgriculture.Org.

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